mardi 10 janvier 2012

thank you letter to the universe...

I started to write this thank you letter on December morning as the year was about to end and a new one ready to begin. I just had a chance to complete this…

It’s a cloudy Saturday morning. The sun seems to be hiding behind the clouds today. I don’t mind. It’s cool and I’m still tucked under the blankets.  In a few hours, I’ll be meeting a friend at Bangsar, for our New Year’s Eve dinner & party! We have decided to have our last meal of the year at Chilis – our all time preferred choice! So before the party starts, I would like to take this time to write you a thank you letter.

God, thank you for this wonderful year! All five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes of it! Thank you for the little and big milestones that have happened in my life. Growing up can sometimes be a painful thing especially when it involves handling our emotional and mental state. But what a year of learning and growing! I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I smile with delight but why are the tears falling down my face, blurring my eyes? Perhaps it’s because I just know that there is so much love and gratitude within and all around me. I thank you for this precious, very precious gift.

A life lived in love is so much different. I know because I too have walked the valleys of darkness. And yet, I have made it through. I am here, alive and free! And everyday has become a celebration for me.

The universe, thank you for all the small miracles that comprised the bigger miracle in my life. The miracle of finding, knowing and loving myself. I was lost but now I am found. As I have experienced your love and grow to love myself, I noticed that I am reaching out more to others. I rejoice every time I am able to respond better to situations. I am becoming a better daughter, friend, colleague and a person.

God, thank you for giving me the heart to receive love from others. The same heart that went under the knife when it was so tiny… the same heart that could have died long long time ago when I was still a baby! Thank you so much for still making it alive and fully-function J - Special thanks for that and your love have touched my life.

CK – You have blessed my life so much when you reached out and shared who you are with me. You are the first person who loved me just the way I am and told me about it. Your honesty, encouragement, openness and perceptiveness encouraged and uplifted me more than you will ever know. Looking forward to be your bridesmaid :)

Anu –. We have known each other for more than a decade now and it seems like a lifetime already. I am glad that I am able to be ME around you. I do not have any masks and pretensions. I look forward to another year of growing and learning with you. You have been the best person for me to journey with in the discovery of myself.

Qaisra – She delights me with her bubbly personality and I enjoyed the friendship that we shared.

Mr Nathan – My Father, teacher, guru and a friend. I have much to learn from you. Thank you for making my dreams comes true.

Ms Z – Thank you for being there…

Mei Ling – Thank you for always being so warm and encouraging and most importantly for believing in me… I enjoyed our exchanges immensely.

Mr Conservative – Because of you I learn the meaning of love, pain and everything that comes along with it.

My Boss (Mr. Real McCoy) - Thank you for teaching me that not all women have to be saved by a prince. I have much to learn from you.

Mom - For being kind and gracious all the time (okay, not all the times mebbe some times). You are my one and only family I have left! 

Hoong Ling - For your kindness... and the lovely apt!

Thank you for all the newborn babies that have come across my path this year… for teaching me how precious life is J

To all my friends (including FB friends) those who have touched and inspired me, thank you so much.

I’ve discovered that when I started writing my thank you letter, I can see and feel love through my experiences and the love I have felt from so many. I feel so abundant and very blessed. I pray now that please god bless all of them tremendously in the coming year - a life filled with love and abundance in all the aspects of their lives.

I am alive. I am free to live a life of love.

Yaay! I’m going to go out and celebrate life with you in the next five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes! And most importantly at Chili’s tonight with Anu & Margaritas… Hahaha

Love – Sirilah Raman

5 commentaires:

Anu a dit…

Love this post! Thanks for being my friend for the past 10+ years and always being there for me when I am in need of company. Looking forward to many more years of friendship with you. :)

ong a dit…

To have so many people to thank to when you find life treating you generously is something very wonderful.

Sri, you are such a lucky girl!!

Anonyme a dit…

Bravo, this magnificent idea is necessary just by the way
Merry Christmas! :)

sri a dit…

hi anu... we shld get together and throw our self a “Thank You for Being a Friend” party soon :)

sri a dit…

Hi Ong... I'm not sure the lucky part though... Yes, i'm grateful for everything i have right now!